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The use of Explainer Videos is a new endeavor for marketing a product or company in the virtual world. You can use them to popularize yourself, your company, the products and other offerings among the masses. The message can be spread really quickly like fire in the wild.

On the internet, there are basically two ways of explaining about your company and products. One is the use of text which is into business for quite some time now. You can go on writing details about everything you have to offer and great schemes up for grabs. However, chances are that even after having a great quality product and a great offer, you might still not be able to make a sale. Why? This is because nobody has time to read long articles as present on net. The modern day work schedule and lifestyle does not allow you enough time to go through the details. Here, the second way can come to your aid – Explainer Videos.

Explainer Videos are basically the text converted into small videos that are not only interesting but can also be understood quickly with ease. They are a great way to market about your products, offerings, services and the company.

The Future of Explainer Videos is certainly bright. More and more people are viewing the videos present online to get the details related to topic of interest. Website like YouTube and Meta cafe are being increasingly used by many for searching on a wide variety of topics. The scope of the subject is huge and more and more companies would opt for the same in the times to come.

Another great thing related to Videos is that they can be used by all organizations – big and small with equal effect. They also fit the budget of small ones well.

There are a few important features and advantages related to the Explainer Videos which makes it a better marketing tool of the modern era.

Explainer Videos provide more information in less time. A study reveals that 60 percent of people prefer watching a video then reading text on the topic of interest. Also, the retention percentage of Explainer Videos is 50 percent which is much higher than text at 10 percent.

The right video released at the right time can go viral and help a lot in marketing of the company. The videos are surely more interesting than the boring piece of text and attracts more views. This increases the chances of your making a deal.

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