How Do You Keep Up With Googles Algorithm Changes?

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Google is constantly adjusting their algorithms to ensure their customer base gets the best possible results, and thus continue to use their services. This leaves webmasters in a situation where they continuously need to stay on top of the latest information on the subject, if there is information to be had, and adjust their tactics accordingly.

As a result, webmasters can spend countless hours reviewing and making adjustments to their website. If they hired an outside company to do their SEO work, they will second guess their investment and wonder if months or even years of efforts have gone to waste.

What’s worse, there is little evidence to support all the theories about what the latest changes are. It is entirely possible that much of the information available on the internet can in fact be based on rumor or even deliberate misinformation. Google keeps their algorithms a closely guarded secret and what a coup it would be for someone to be able to brag about discovering one of these secrets. What’s to stop someone from making something up, saying they discovered it, having it go viral, and turning it into an accepted fact?

Google adjusts their algorithms for a number of reasons. The main one is to give their searchers the best experience possible. In order to give them the best experience possible, search results need to be as relevant as possible. If you searched for “baby strollers” and the first result that came up was for a site who stuffed baby stroller keywords into their pages and attempted to outwit the search engine in other ways but offered zero value when you opened the page, your experience would not be good.

Google has little choice but to refine their algorithms as the creativity of people gets increasingly sophisticated. This results in temporary rankings that disappear as Google catches up. Perhaps the tricksters were able to maintain rankings long enough to make it worth their while. Perhaps not.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this situation entirely. The solution is incredibly simple and straightforward. Doing things properly in the first place will result in never needing to go back to the drawing board, never needing to worry about waking up to find out you have been banished from page one.

With all the misinformation in cyberspace, how do you know what is proper? The answer to this question is also simple. It is interesting to see how many SEO companies are unwilling to share their contact information, hide their domain ownership information, and use other methods to remain anonymous. Choosing a company with nothing to hide is a good start on your path to sleeping well at night.

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