How Video Backgrounds Effect Your Message

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As technology progresses, speeds up and becomes cheaper the use of Video Marketing has become a mainstay of a lot of people. We now use video messages to our friends when they are not online, use Youtube and other services to post about our lives and our business. How does this effect your marketing?

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” becomes much more meaningful when you have 15 to 30 pictures a second being shown to your viewers. This means you have a great opportunity to use the visuals as not only a way to show your pretty face to your prospective clients, but to use the backgrounds to influence they way they feel about your product or service.

From the use of simple graphic overlays to full on green screen replacement of the background, there are many ways to change how people see you and your product. Video backgrounds can be overlooked when you are just doing a video blog about graphic design, or 3D animation. Using a video capture of the program you are using is the most common video tutorial method out there. This makes it easy to follow the tutorials, but what if you are doing a product review on a program or service?

Lets say, for instance, you were doing a video review of Bryce 7 and wanted to tell everyone about its real cool features. Since it is a 3D animation software, it would make sense to show some of the animations it could do. One way of doing this is to just post a video clip with a voice over. This works to a point, but how are you keeping the viewer connected to you as well as the product if you are not in the scene?

You voice may be a virtual dulcimer, but your face is how they stay connected. Do a simple green screen layover of you doing the review, with the video playing behind you. With your product playing in the background and you in front, it will have a more powerful impact.

Another thing to look at, if you are promoting a service, like travel, wouldn’t it be better if you were talking to your viewers from the beach or Paris? No need to go there, just do the green screen again.

So in essence, the best use of the background for your marketing videos is that of your product, service, or reviewed piece. Much more impact for the short amount of time you have.

Shannon Has been working in the Internet Marketing arena since before Al Invented the Internet itself. With 25 years Graphic design experience and over 10 years of website design, video marketing is the next phase of his enthusiasm.

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