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In spite of the past few years of economic issues worldwide, it is a fact that internet sales continue to grow year after year. For any business, the internet has made it easier to find targeted customers to whom products and services can be offered.

In addition to an expanding and innovative way to decrease costs while increasing revenue, website sales boost the global market. This is accomplished by providing consumers and businesses with better information about the products and services that available on the internet.

To achieve a company’s full potential in this expanding sales venue, it is important to quickly learn and grasp onto the technological advantages in establishing strong internet market competition.

To achieve this goal, it is imperative to know what the various acronyms mean that have sprung up in usage with firms that market techniques by which increased sales can be accomplished on the internet.

Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a method of ensuring individual web pages are accessible by these specialized programs for keywords that are used by potential customers for a particular product or service. Basically, it is a process of improving a website’s visibility to gain high organic ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).

One substantial consideration for search engines is that SEO is important for spiders. Spiders are software applications that follow a link from one page to another throughout the web, getting content from sites and ‘feeding it’ to these information-seeking devices which in turn gather that information and use it to rank all the various webpages. SEO is important in providing relevant, fresh and quality information about available products and services.

There are two SEO tactics commonly known as white hat and black hat. White hat SEO is a tactic that conforms to the search engines’ guidelines; it is time-consuming but yields results that are worth the investment. Black hat SEO is a tactic that attempts to improve ranking by using unethical practices not approved by these information-seeking programs and can even involve deception.

Result Pages (SERP’s)

The results of search engines that display when a user makes an inquiry using certain keywords are commonly known as SERP’s or Search Engine Result Pages. It is important for a website to have a good position on SERP’s in order to increase visibility for the internet spiders. SERP ranking is improved by some methods used by a web designer such as optimizing web pages with SEO techniques, building quality backlinks, and many others.

Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing or SEM is the process of getting more traffic from or attaining good visibility on the internet. SEM can be thought of as an umbrella through which different process work including SEO and certain paid services such as Pay Per Click (PPC). This technique is used to expand a market across the internet.

Investing in SEO as a part of an overall SEM strategy takes time to reach the pinnacle of a successful website that ranks high organically on Search Engine Results first pages for relevant keywords. An example of a paid SEM service is Pay Per Click. This is a method by which a company’s website pays to be on the first page of SERP’s by the means of paying a separate charge every a used clicks on that link from that SERP, hence the name pay-per-click. PPC is not organic and ranking results will disappear if PPC is no longer used.

Business Application

For any business, it is important to look for a proven company using organic SEO to achieve results through ethical techniques. Having organic SEO assures a business of a high return on investment by gaining maximum visibility within major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN Search.

Always remember that a great SEO company is one employing only white hat SEO strategies to place a website in top rankings in order to elicit the interest of more people searching for that particular product or service. Choosing these essential steps for a website can help a business master good techniques and implement technological strategies for a strong presence in the internet market!

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