Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – For the Beginners

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Search Optimization is not a difficult topic to understand but for beginners it could be sort of confusing and complicated. And going through a search tutorial would definitely help the cause in this regard. SEO comes into play when a web master is done with the web designing, files uploading, and all the other things that are required to start up a website; and wants to attract visitors to his website. SEO is necessary for attracting visitors to the website and especially getting natural traffic through search platform results.SEO is nothing but the techniques and practices implemented for getting traffic to a website through different search engines. The objective of implementing SEO is not just to be visible in the results but getting the website usually show up in the first two pages of the results. SEO could be off-page or work that is done outside the website and on-page which is changing the website for getting better engine rankings. A website can never be fully optimized for search engine results unless these two aspects of SEO are implemented.

SEO is not buying sponsor links from Google and proclaiming that the website is ranked number one. Purchasing AdWords comes under the search engine marketing domain and is different from SEO. If a website owner has his ranking at number 10 in the search engine and wants to get it up to number one, then he has to seriously consider SEO.

Before the optimization process begins, the web master must decide as to which words he wants to optimize. It would be nice if the website owner starts with a couple of keywords and once he gets some reasonable traffic for the targeted keywords, he can then build up on the number of keywords. The keywords chosen can be specific or broad but it is essential that the website owner knows the benefits and drawbacks of those keywords before choosing them. The webmaster should look at aspects of keywords like the competition, global monthly searches for the keywords, and other similar things.

Staying Away From The Most Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes that people do with keywords is that they put more than 100 keywords in one page and wait for the traffic from search engine results. This tactic might have worked some 10 years ago but it is not the case now as there is competition in the web space and there are more niche websites targeting just one or two keywords. Moreover, the algorithms of the search engines have also gone through updates and transformation, and it is no longer easy to trick search engines like this. New websites with lots of keywords would definitely have a tough time getting dedicated traffic through search engines. Page rank is another essential thing relating to SEO and it should not be ignored at all.

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