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SEO is really taking off in all aspects of business. Decision makers are realizing how important it is to be found, easily, on the Internet. It hasn’t been until recent years that people choose to utilize search engines. Yet again, it hasn’t been until recent years that search engines began to compete against each other.

You can always turn on the TV now and see a Google commercial, that truly relate to people, and a Bing commercial that will have a new celebrity for people to relate. SEM is really focusing on In-Real-Life (IRL) Re-marketing. The proof is in the pudding, with celebrities, cable networks, and ads that stimulate feelings from within. Now, does this make you want to optimize your search engine presence with SEO?

Currently search engines are using social indicators for gauging web authority. This means using augmented reality devices (AR) or the actions produced by social media, such as:

• +1 (Google+)
• “Like” (Facebook)
• Friends (Facebook)
• Follower (Twitter)

However, technology has a cycle like many things in life. And it seems search engines are beginning to gauge natural engagement between an object and user. Clicking the “Like” button is not going to be enough anymore.

Search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo want access to data about where the users attention is. Now, there is a way to access that information with Google Analytics. They have added a new section called “Expressions,” which is supplied with an endless amount of metrics. It can track numerous activities, such as,

• Time spent on a page
• Reaction to the content

IRL programs track and monitor shoppers in malls across the country. The software chooses the sales and deals for the store. This happens without any human access to the data. The software can find the trends in buying habits, and analyze what needs to be done. Search engines are looking into this type of software, because without re-marketing, how could people remember what they want to buy. In the terms of search engines, it is helpful to let people remember what they want to find.

Even if Google, Bing, and Yahoo are not following each move we make on the web, the government surely will. The Patriot Act has been modified to serve Google, Facebook and Microsoft with warrants for access to their users search, traffic, biometrics, GPS and financial data. Google, Facebook and Bing, under this law, must provide the Department of Justice with unrestricted, real-time feeds of users data. So, no matter what we think, every click is being analyzed somewhere, somehow.

2022 will be a good time to look back at SEO advancements. There are many developments that will change the face of SEO within the coming decade.

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