The SEO Experts To Avoid

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When looking to hire a search engine optimization (or SEO) company to help boost the rankings of your website, there are a number of so-called ‘experts’ that you should be avoiding because they will do more harm than good for your SEO strategy. Look out for some of the below red flags and you will know whether the expert you are dealing with is to be avoided or hired.

The “Big Words” SEO

These experts have actually got a foot in both worlds – they are actually an SEO expert, but they have no idea how to communicate with clients. If you are dealing with an expert who is using so many big words and jargon that you have no idea what they are saying, either ask for an explanation or walk out.

The “Black Hat” SEO

You should never get involved with an SEO ‘expert’ who thinks it is okay to utilize black hat techniques. Some people may claim that they can use these techniques in a way that is not considered spam, but the reality is that this is impossible and your website will be blacklisted by Google.

The “Ex-Conversion Expert” SEO

These types of ‘experts’ are actually less common than the other sorts listed here, but they can cause some of the biggest problems for your strategy if you are unlucky enough to come across one. These experts have gotten it in their heads that the user experience is somehow entwined with SEO and, in turn, neglect to implement a proper optimization strategy.

The “IT” SEO

Occasionally, you will come across an ‘expert’ who has their roots working in the IT department. Whilst having a little HTML knowledge is beneficial for optimization, it does not mean that if you know IT you know SEO. Find out whether your ‘expert’ has had any formal training or whether he’s just an IT guy.

The “Social Media Expert” SEO

Quite often, this person was once considered an SEO expert, but they got dragged into the hype surrounding social media. They think that, just because they know how to use Facebook, they are somehow a ‘social media expert’ and their idea of success is based on how many followers their campaigns get.

The “White White Hat” SEO

There is nothing wrong with using white hat SEO on your website – in fact, white hat is the only type of SEO that you should be using. There are, however, some experts who claim not to be using certain techniques based on their ‘moral or ethical principles’, when in actual fact they just have no understanding of the technique itself (and it is actually white hat).

By avoiding the so-called SEO ‘experts’ listed above, you will save your website a lot of heartache and problems, as well as helping to boost your search engine ranking. Keep an ear out for the telltale signs of an expert who isn’t really an expert and rest assured that you have hired the best SEO company for the job.

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