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How do you find the best hosting companies out there? By reading web hosting provider reviews of course. So how do we know what reviews to go for? Well, that I cannot say, but I will let you know what kind of reviews I tend to go for.

When you see a review site that only has a few lines of text you should move on. What I look for in a review is something serious like images or even a video, because then you know that this person is doing this for real and not just for fun and to say that he has a website. I also want to look for more than one review when I’m looking around and I want them to be both positive and negative. The reason for me wanting some negative reviews is because there are no perfect products out there and if every review you find is positive, then something is fishy.

Now, by saying I want some negative aspects of a product doesn’t mean I want someone to say the service or product is crap, but pointing out the negative sides of it, I think you understand. I also want to point out that just because someone is telling me that they think something is negative, doesn’t mean I will find it negative.

I mentioned video reviews earlier and those are the absolute best. Just keep in mind that it should not be a commercial video, but a review, made by someone like you or me. What you want here is someone sitting in front of a webcam, speaking their mind and not reading from a script. You will often notice when someone is using a script or not.

Picture yourself and what you would say if you were to make a review for a product you purchased. You would probably turn on your webcam or video camera if you have one and speak your mind. If you like it you say so, but if you don’t like it, you will definitely say so. This is the beauty of man kind, if we like something or it works as supposed to, we don’t say a word. But if something doesn’t work we get furious and we tell every body we know. This is why it’s important to find real reviews with both negative and positive aspects, since an all positive review is most certainly not real.

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