WARNING: Poor Google Keywords Selection Can Kill Your Sales

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Here in year 2012, a plethora of Internet businesses and online entrepreneurs still have to scratch their heads and wonder why sales online-income is either non-existent or just far too low. This article neither points fingers nor sets out to place blame upon any particular party.

Yet, the REAL fact is that Google keywords are tricky business. Keyword analysis remains extremely difficult to decipher and comprehend for the average website operator.

Countless Internet businesses, especially of the “information provider” variety, COLLAPSE within their first year of start-up, and now, truth be told, a HUGE factor is their destruction is the poor, inadequate, inaccurate, or completely erroneous choice of search phrases.

While free search engine software supplies general tools to “estimate” likely sales to be expected from that medium, online business owners can now see that basic free details about such online placement phrases easily leave average web pages without the benefit of increased sales from the actual products and services presented on these pages.

Surely, it remains the Internet business owner’s ultimate responsibility to select the TYPE of Google keywords which can, as rapidly as possible, accomplish two basic goals:

a) Generate enough specific visitors to meet the established 1% sales conversion rate minimum; plus

b) Exist within a service, product, or niche category which already has a flourishing base of consumer activity.

A more genuine sense of reality shows that NO free keywords analysis tool actually GIVES you this data with CURRENT online ACCURACY. Thus, business owners online must now realize that much deeper plus more complete key-phrase analysis becomes MANDATORY.

For instance, complimentary analysis tools may presently state that “DISADVANTAGES OF SOLAR ENERGY” has LOW competition. However, with only your ASSUMPTION that such phrases comprise “green-light” Google keywords, most website owners will proceed ahead and move forward with an unknowingly false sense of security, feeling that this phrase will generate LOTS of online sales.

However, a much more skilled keyword analysis easily plus quickly reveals that the phrase “disadvantages-of-solar-energy:”

1. Has an inadequate search engine optimization traffic (SEOT) value;

2. Reveals an actual competition level of 1,670,000 in exact search, which is certainly NOT LOW enough for solid achievement; and

3. Shows that the number of other websites which target this precise phrase within their META tag headings, titles, descriptions, and alternative image tags is around 47,000 — which remains above the mark for convenient and minimal effort.

Can you effectively compete against 46,999 well-targeted Google keywords rivals? It is not likely for average website businesses to experience success with these statistical values.

Thus, as you can shockingly see, only AFTER deeper and much more painstaking analysis can an online business owner TRULY obtain plus understand the SURROUNDING facts which make or break the actual power of your keywords.

Earlier in this writing, you read that keyword comprehension is tricky business; perhaps this is a great understatement. Keyword placement statistics are affected by a HUGE number of complex circumstances which shape a rather unique picture for essentially EVERY keyword phrase scenario.

As above illustrated, when your niche is SOLAR ENERGY, you can still select Google keywords which, although authentic, simply fail to meet the SPECIFIC criteria needed for extensive and lucrative online-income sales activity.

Additionally, consider a niche like WATER POLLUTION. For instance, the keyword, “WATER POLLUTION CONTROL” will appear on your possibilities list, as will a keyword phrase like the “IMPACT OF WATER POLLUTION.” Yet, you would have to apply the higher-level keyword success principles in order to make your FINAL phrase selection with ultimate wisdom, practicality, and effectiveness.

Far too many online entrepreneurs will publish articles, blog posts, and web page content while only using free tools or “gut feelings” about the Google keywords which they select. Such keywords can slowly KILL sales income-online because these are NOT the phrases which match your visitors’ actual requests, needs, and desires.

The bottom line is this — online business owners can interpret basically ANY Google keywords result inaccurately, in either direction. Results can be overestimated or underestimated without deeper, further, plus more thorough research statistics gathered, observed, plus effectively analyzed.

You should be prepared to pay for professional Google keywords service in order to maintain quality phrase analysis. Additionally, try to know these differences for yourself, to help lead your business efforts toward the right direction.

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