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Are you like millions of others who are trying to figure out all the mumbo jumbo about making a living running your own business? If you are you have probably heard some buzz about how to get paid to advertise. Yes, you read that right. You can get paid just to place your advertisements in the right places.

Of course, everyone knows that it pays to advertise, and that has been true ever since the first human understood that they could sell what they had to someone else who needed it. However, back then it was more like bartering.

When you think of it, you do get paid to advertise every time you make a sell of any kind. Another thing you can think about is that selling really is a type of bartering. Whether we pay money for a product or simply trade one thing for another we are simply exchanging one item of value for another.

Money is valuable and so are all the things you can buy with it, so the discussion is not whether or not we are bartering or selling, but whether or not we are getting the most for what we give.

This of course is all a matter of perspective, and yours and my perspective may not be the same. However, we can assume that everyone wants the most for what we spend, and that means that we have to find the best ways of generating the things we barter with.

We have to figure out the most effective way to get paid to advertise. For me that means that if I can double the return on my investment often enough I should be able to see a great profit. That makes it possible to barter for more and better stuff, right?

That is the name of the game isn’t it, getting more and better stuff for yourself and your family. For some it is simply getting enough. One way to do either or both of those is to get paid to advertise. Now, that sounds like a spit and a promise for sure, but there is a method of getting paid just for allowing others to post your advertisements for you.

Yes, most businesses do pay to advertise, and that is effective, but if you could pay to advertise and then get paid in return for that advertisement wouldn’t you do it? That would mean that you would have more money to barter with to get more stuff.

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