Switch To Cheap Hosting Plan To Host Your Non-Profit Websites

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Non profit websites mean you do not need as much traffic to fuel your own success. The problem with many, however, is that the administrators of said non profit feel they stand a better chance of upping donations if they get as many people to their website as possible. This shows a lack of understanding regarding how donations are typically made. Most people still give via the more traditional methods. As such, the need for expensive eCommerce solutions and a wide array of traffic makes it impossible to sustain a non profit venture as long as that venture is ran like a for profit institution. Don’t fall into this trap. Operate your non profit website like an organization of the same type, and the likelihood of success will increase. Here are some basic suggestions that should help your efforts:

1. Switch to a cheaper hosting plan.

Cheaper web hosting plans, such as virtual private servers, are great for getting the amount of functionality you need without sacrificing the overall purpose of the not for profit venture. By submitting to a VPS plan, you can split costs across a network of other websites, while maintaining more autonomy over how your site handles. Moving to a dedicated server just because it gives more power and customization is the sign of an amateur, especially when your venture doesn’t need a lot of traffic to survive.

2. Target your online marketing efforts in a more efficient manner.

High traffic is not the answer when it comes to non profit websites, because your ultimate goal is not for the website to be a revenue generator. However, you do need the right people visiting your site, so online marketing is essential. That means you have to have laser precision when it comes to your approach, and you need to use the most cost effective ways of reaching your audience. Search engine marketing and prudent social networking are the only ways to go in this arena.

3. Communicate the core of your thinking as clearly and concisely as possible.

The message is still the number one thing that you have to get across. Without it, you will be unable to draw the right people to your site for the right reasons. Ask yourself what the number one purpose of your not for profit website is, and then make sure that you use that in all your branding and advertising materials. Through clarity, you will be able to accomplish the goals of your website whatever they may be.

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