Can Your Business Survive Without Targeted Website Traffic?

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Although there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t put time, money, and effort into getting a good website to showcase your product, if you don’t get targeted website visitors coming to it, then you may as well have a small floating shop in the middle of the Pacific that gives away free gold.

That’s an odd comparison, so let’s put it into perspective, a little. The internet is vast, there are new businesses ‘opening their doors’ on it every day, and that means that businesses that take the ‘get-on-line-and-they-will-visit’ approach are losing out on the targeted website traffic that they need in order to survive – because they just aren’t being found by those buyers. You may have the greatest product in the world, but if the buyers can’t find you, you may as well be on that boat trying to giveaway your free gold.

So, how does a new (or even established) business find targeted website traffic? This is where you get a chance to compete with the ‘big boys’, and you aren’t going to start at too much of a disadvantage: you have to look at ways to buy website visitor traffic. Sure, they may have bigger budgets than you have, but, when it comes to ways to buy web traffic, you have the advantage – you can react to changes, or take up new techniques far quicker than a large company that is trying to increase their conversions by buying targeted web traffic.

As an example: big companies need to plan their budgets well in advance, and companies like Google, tend to change their search engine criteria on a daily basis. This means that by the time the big companies have a chance to react to the changes, and reallocate their budget to buy web traffic using the new criteria, you, as a smaller and more dynamic company, could have made a small fortune by snapping up the larger company’s targeted website traffic.

Why targeted website traffic?

There are a lot of businesses that sell website visitors, but, if you buy website traffic that isn’t interested in the product that you are selling, then you have either wasted your money, or, the people coming to your site are going to be so hard to sell to, that you may find it is too much work for the money that you may make from each visitor. Targeted website traffic, on the other hand, already has an interest in what you are going to be offering them, so it significantly increases your potential return on investment.

How do you buy website traffic?

The more traditional ways to buy website traffic include: pay per click, pay per view, posting banner adverts on the sites of people who are in a niche that compliments your product, and much more. Some of these tactics will get you more general traffic than they will targeted website traffic, but they are a good way to get started – just so long as you have a system put in place where you can track the visitors coming to your website, and see which tactic is working best for you.

There are other companies that will sell you targeted website traffic packages. These ‘packages’ will generally be for a certain amount of unique visitors to your site over a specific number of days. With this method to buy website traffic you will be able to choose the country that you want the visitors to come from – handy if you sell a product that is country specific – and you can even choose to get visitors that are interested in a certain niche. Then it’s up to you to make the sale.

As you can see, there are a number of ways in which you can buy website traffic, it’s then your choice as to which you will test. Try not to test too many methods at the one time, as they may get difficult to track, and then stick with the ones that are making you money. Even if you don’t have the best sales letter in the world, by getting targeted website traffic you are going to do far better than the company that has a superior item to sell, but has no idea that they should be looking to kick start their campaign by finding the most effective way to buy website traffic.

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