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Article Marketing SEO is a well-used strategy among website owners and SEO service companies. Article marketing is meant to help increase a website’s Page Rank and boost website traffic. Of course, this only works if the articles are done right. Poorly executed articles serve no function and could even hurt a website’s credentials.

One of the first steps to article marketing is identifying the best keywords to optimize. Look through the website and make a list of words and phrases that are there and that you think people would search for. If your website is not finished yet, think of how you would search for topics that relate to your website. Then, make sure you include those words and phrases in your completed website.

With that list close at hand, you can begin researching those words. You want to see how many competitors you have ahead of you for each word or phrase. This will give you a good indication of which keywords will be best to optimize. By researching, I mean using tools that are readily available for you. Google has a tool you can use that will look through your website and find good keywords and give statistics for every keyword. Another thing you can do is use a search engine to look up the words yourself. This will give you an idea of how many competitors you have for every keyword. If you have a long way to go to reach a decent position for a particular word, it may not be worth optimizing that particular keyword. At the same time, if you are already at a good position for another word, there would also be no point in wasting your time optimizing it. You want the words and phrases that fall between those two extremes. Now, pick anywhere from 3-10 of those keywords to work with. Be patient. Finding the right keywords takes practice and guesswork. Do not get discouraged if it does not seem to be working. Simply try again with new words. Maybe ask a few friends to write down what keywords they would use to find information on your subject.

To optimize each keyword, the articles need to be structured right. Every article will focus on one specific keyword or phrase. Keep in mind, including other keywords helps, but they are not the main concern. Generally, the ideal is to keep the keyword to 1-3% of the article content. A good way of starting is to include the keyword in the title and twice in the body. This will help keep the article balanced.

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