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When planning article marketing for SEO, one question that may arise, is how many articles should I publish? The quantity of articles is very important, but there is no set rule for every website. The choice is up to the website owner. If the website is new and does not really have a place on the market yet and is in a particularly popular niche, the owner may choose to publish quite a few articles. Even in this case, though, it pays to be cautious. If you have too many articles, some search engines may decide to cut you out for over-optimization. For every keyword, try to publish between 5-10 articles. Try to keep this in mind while you are picking which keywords to optimize. The articles you publish should make a difference for those keywords and phrases.

Let us say you have all the articles written now. What do you do with them? Where do you publish them? There are several different types of SEO writing strategies. Blogs and press releases are two others besides articles. The first two have a similar structure to articles, but serve a different purpose. The do help optimize the website’s Page Rank, to a degree; however, it is not enough to make a difference. Blogs are designed to attract new clientele and, more importantly, retain old customers. Press releases are meant to catch the attention of new audiences and boost website traffic. This means that each-blogs and press releases-have a specific place they should be published. Blog posts should be published on the website’s own blogs. Press releases can be published on the website and on sites meant for press releases.

Articles, on the other hand, are designed especially for increasing Page Rank and website traffic. This means they need to be published in a variety of locations throughout the Internet. The best places for these articles are article directories. There are many free article directories around. Each one has its own set of rules and guidelines. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with the directories’ editorial procedures so that you can ensure your articles’ publication. Research the article directories, as well. The idea is to publish where the articles will get good exposure. Once again, you do not want to over publish in one place. Stick to one article per keyword per directory. So, if you picked 6 keywords, the max number of articles you will publish in any given article directory is six.

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