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Online marketers and web owners are constantly striving to reach the illusive ‘number one spot’ on the search engine rankings. It doesn’t matter how competitive or niche the industry, rising up through the search engine positions is a long contested battle.

And it’s easy to see why. As a web user, when was the last time you looked anywhere other than the first page of Google? If you’re being really honest, when was the last time you looked any further than the first 5 or 6 positions?

Search engine optimization or SEO is all about thinking like your customer. You know what they’re searching for, and you know you want to be their first choice. You target your online marketing efforts to their specific search terms, and you spend a lot of time honing your SEO to hit the top spot.

The content on you website is littered with these targeted keywords, as are your meta-tags. Your marketing team spend a good deal of their time building links to these pages, with keyword rich anchor text. But did you know your SEO efforts may all be in vain, and that they could actually be letting you down?

Search engine giant Google is clamping down on what it calls ‘black hat’ SEO. This is spammy, overly optimized web pages and websites. It has always penalised websites that paid for backlinks, but now even the most above-board efforts are losing steam.

Google’s latest algorithm changes are penalising these overly optimized websites. Penalties which have seen many websites virtually eradicated from the search engine results pages. All your hard work building up a solid SEO campaign is lost. But if you were sure you were doing everything right, why has your optimization failed you?

The biggest reason so many websites have fallen foul of this legislation is that they have been ‘keyword stuffing’ – whether knowingly or not. When Google crawled your site, it found excessive use of your specific keywords and flagged your page as spam. The problem for web owners comes however, when not every page on the website is seen as ‘over-optimized’. Even if many of your pages are SEOed correctly, if enough have been flagged as spam; your whole website will pay the price.

So what can you do then, if your SEO efforts have failed? The easiest thing you can do is check your keyword density on every page. This refers to the number of times certain keywords were used in your content and meta-data. If it is above 3% you may have been penalised, and you should make the necessary changes to remove spam.

Most importantly, don’t panic. Google is rolling out changes all the time and as you make day-to-day changes, your website may gradually bounce back. If you’re really struggling to revive your website, enlist the help of a reliable SEO consultancy to help bring your website back to life.

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