Green Screen: The Benefits

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Web videos are where it’s at in marketing and you’ve decided to take a slice of the pie. This is a wise decision on your part and also on behalf of your company. Now you need to make your video look as professional as possible and holding a camera while walking around your company is not going to look professional at all. First off, you are going to need a tripod, so you know you are going to be stationary if you don’t want the amateur shakiness in your video. So you need a solution to the background and surroundings of your video. The answer is in a green screen. With a green screen you will have the flexibility of being anywhere you want without compromising the professional look of your video.

Green screens provide several benefits and allow for a lot of creative options to take place once the shooting has wrapped-up. Here are some reasons to film your subject in front of a green screen:


When using a green screen, you have the flexibility to deal with multiple locations all at one time. There is no need to set up in different locations to gather your shots, you will be able to get them all in one spot. It avoids creating a choppy transition between different shots when strung together in the editing process.


Some green screens are portable, these can be very helpful if you need to take a quick video somewhere but the background is just not conducive to the video that you need to have done. If you invest in a company that has a green screen room, they are very convenient to rent out or if need be, they can even help with the whole production.

Time and Money Saving

A green screen is a great time saving device. When you rent out a green screen room, you do not have to worry about looking for any sort of props that you will need for your video production because you will be able to go back and add that in the editing process. This will greatly reduce the amount of money that you will have to spend when it comes to planning the budget and productions cost.

It’s Consistent

If you’re shooting with a green screen, this means that you don’t have to mess with any sort of continuity issues if you are having to shoot multiple locations. With regular film, you would have to go to the location and you would have no control over light and other aspects of the scene. This can give you issues if you were to edit these scenes together and the scenes don’t match, this would end up looking poorly. Green screen answers this problem because you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Extended Usability

When you shoot your projects against a green screen, this will allow you to revisit earlier projects in the future, and update any changes that my have taken place with the company or simply use the same footage with different backgrounds. Additionally it will become easy to incorporate any new footage to any existing video.

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