HostGator Review Part 1: Why I Chose HostGator

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Recently I made the decision to build a website to help promote my business. This meant that I had to find a hosting company. At the time I had no idea how to choose one but I ultimately went with HostGator. This has proved to be a very good decision and I am completely satisfied with the service they have provided.

To be completely honest I really didn’t put as much thought into choosing a web host as I should have. In large part the reason that I choose HostGator is that they were the first one that came up when I did a search. That being said I did take the time to look at a couple of other hosting companies, the other ones on the first page of the search results, and this led me back to HostGator. The main reason that I chose them in the end was price.

HostGator offers rates that are quite a bit lower than the ones that were offered by their competitors. Since I was building my first website and was far from sure how successful it would be I really didn’t want to invest a lot of money in hosting so I took the cheapest option. I started to worry a little bit about this as visited some webmaster forums and found everybody telling me that I shouldn’t choose a web host based solely on price. The good news is that HostGator offers a lot more than just cheap prices.

The best thing that I have found about HostGator now that I have started to use them is that they make it very easy to build a website. This has proved to be a great benefit since I really didn’t want to have to pay somebody to build my site for me. It has proved to be no problem, all I have to do is add my content to the templates they provide. They even make it possible to customize the templates so that I can add things like my company logo to the site.

So far I am very happy with HostGator as my hosting company. I may have picked them for the wrong reasons but they have made building and maintaining my site very easy. They are very reliable and very helpful when I do have a problem. I have had no issues with them and would highly recommend them to anybody else building their first website.

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