Some Of The Most Common Keyword Mistakes

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In order for the keywords or phrases that you choose to use in relation to your business to be relevant to search engines you need to ensure that they work in correct manner. Simply adding words here and there is not the proper method to use when using this technique, while many companies and individuals tend to make some of the same mistakes we are going to try and help you avoid them or correct them.

  • Titles – You’re right in thinking that the titles of your blogs or articles should include carefully chosen keywords, but the trick is to know the right technique that will get them noticed by the search engines. It is important that the keywords you use flow naturally in the title and that they are used to describe the article in a way that will make the information more enticing for an individual to read.
  • Resource Boxes – It’s a common belief that hyperlinking your keywords or phrases will help your website traffic increase. This is true, but only when it is done in the proper manner. A resource box is basically nothing more than an area to include information about the author; the information in this space should include your name, a brief description of your business, what your website has to offer and of course a link to your website.
  • Repetition – When choosing phrases or words to be used in your articles you should choose at least ten words. This will give you some variety when choosing topics or titles for your articles. Properly using keywords as part of your marketing strategy requires some careful thought. Take your time and choose words that associate with your company or products, this should give you enough material to work from.

When trying to avoid making the same mistakes that many before you have made it is important to know where they failed and do the opposite. The information we have provided is meant to inform you of how others have gone wrong and steer you in the right direction. When done properly, you should notice an improved search engine ranking and know that more people are finding your content to be relevant to their searches. This is a key element to guaranteeing that your company and content can be found by anyone who is searching for a product or service that you and your company offer.

Brian Rasmussen is a website developer with over 12 years of experience in creating and managing websites; specializing in user friendly websites, SEO strategies, and e-commerce integration. For more information on what Brian can help you with visit DIY Website Tools or

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