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So you’ve got your site up and running and you know you are getting visitors but what do you know about these visitors?

You might think that ‘visitors are visitors’ but you are trying to grow your business, grow your site, so you need to know a whole lot more about these visitors. Who are they? How did they get here? What were they looking for? Who referred them?

And you don’t want to pay for this information; you want it to be part of your package.
So what do you want to know? Let’s make a list:-

  1. You want to know how many people have visited your site. This is useful in seeing how many people came there but did not buy. Why did they come? Why didn’t they buy?
  2. You want to know how they got there. Have you been advertising? Which advertisements produced visitors, which did not? Is your blog or your Tweeting working for you?
  3. Which browser did your visitors use? 75% of our visitors come via Firefox. Why don’t they come via Internet Explorer? Does Internet Explorer present our site well?
  4. Which pages did they visit? Your landing page certainly, but which other pages? Prioritise the popular ones for development. Why don’t your visit the other pages, are they irrelevant, too difficult to find?
  5. Which Search Engine did they use? Do you need to optimise your site for other search engines?

Marketing is a full-time job for any entrepreneur of ambition. You can never know too much ablout your visitors particularly the ones who didn’t buy. It is even possible to think of a scenario where you have too many visitors.

  • If they are buying is your pricing right?
  • If they are not is your site attracting the ‘wrong type’ of visitors, seniors perhaps when you’re selling to young people?

You need to be ‘tuning’ your site constantly, following the latest trends, or even leading them. When technology changes, as it constantly does – think about the movement towards tablet computers – you need to be confident that your supplier will be helping you to adapt.

Business history is full of stories of organisations that ‘had it made’ and then took their eyes off the ball and failed. Just think of all the manufacturers and software houses outflanked by ‘Apple’.

Your internet hosting provider should be on your side, helping you to grow your business, not being a constraint.

Roger Webb is a retired CEO from Small and Medium Sized (SME) companies in the UK and Continental Europe. In thirty years’ experience at life at the top he has been instrumental in turning around and setting up a number of specialist subsidiaries in Europe, Africa and beyond, in every case producing stable profits in some of the most testing corporate environments imaginable.

In retirement he has devoted most of his energies in developing a group of wiki sites devoted to helping others to set up eBusinesses. His current sites for new-starters and for those further along the trail are just part of those efforts.

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