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Due to its technicality and its range of terminologies, comprehending SEO proves to be quite a challenge. Regardless of whether you have been in business for long or you have just started, to stay afloat in the World Wide Web there are tips that you should keep at your fingertips if you want your site to stay optimized and get the maximum visibility.

Below is a summary that tries to breakdown the complexity of SEO into a rather more familiar discipline that is much easier to understand, thereby ensuring your site is user-friendly and its optimization is maximized.

1. Ensure that the site’s content is indexed with ease by the web crawlers. One way to tell this is if any graphical images and words keyed-in are on different layers in your page. This makes the content that is based on the texts and phrases easier to be found. It is easier when presented in an index enabled form rather than copy pasted.

2. Just like a geographical location, your website should be part of a relevant site map. This makes indexing a click away and in turn, your site’s content is traced with ease. Site maps are downloaded at the XML site map that is as easy as it can get.

3. Find keywords that are in line with your web page. These keywords should be minimum, a maximum of 3 keywords a page is best. Search engine optimization relies on these keywords to locate your page as users only key in the main phrases of the content. The keywords and phrases should be the best ones available.

4. Page titles, just like any other book, should be created in such a way that they reflect the summary of the content. During search optimization, web crawlers rely on these titles to locate the searched page. Try incorporating these keywords in the titles.

5. When words keyed in crawlers engage in an overhaul scan, they are looking for any matches. Therefore, one should come up with META descriptions for all the content pages. Choose the words and the key phrases wisely since under the link only 23 words will be displayed.

6. H-tags and keywords here are of equal relevance too. They give hints to search engines that content information is relevant and should therefore be highlighted.

7. Make efforts to integrate your keywords into your URL which will entail the keywords of each single page.

8. Your content should be of the highest standards since no one wants a half-baked cake. It should be specific and only highlight on the relevant materials. In addition, it should be captivating to the eye if you want to grow and maintain your clientele base. For easier identification of the matches, use one single title content pages. Word counts of up to 1000 are fair for a single page and keep in mind to always use the keywords.

9. ALT tags in your webpage should be optimized as these become relevant in the search results for images.

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