A HostGator Review – Could This Hosting Company Be Okay For Your Website?

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The most imperative step of building a website is choosing a web host. Without a reputable web hosting service your websites will not appear on the World Wide Web. So the responsibility you have is not only choosing a web host but also making sure that they are trustworthy and reliable. While searching for web hosting services, you are likely to come across many HostGator reviews. HostGator happens to be among the US based companies that provide reliable hosting services to numerous website owners. This HostGator review will help you decide if you want to use this company or not.

About HostGator

As I hinted above, this is a U.S company located in Houston, Texas. It was started in 2002 by a person called Brent Oxley who is currently its chairman. Back in those days he was at the Florida Atlantic University and so his company was literally started from a dorm room. Though it had very humble beginnings, today HostGator owns twelve thousand servers. It also hosts more than eight million domains belonging to individual and companies.

About its web hosting services

If you are looking for affordable web hosting, HostGator could be a good plan for you. One of the reasons why people have faith in this company is because of the growth it has recorded so far. As mentioned above, they host more than eight million domains meaning that they have won many people’s trust. Employing more than seven hundred and fifty employees, the company is renowned for its good customer care service. Each of their hosting plans also comes with a forty-five-days money-back guarantee policy. This permits you to drop the plan you have picked any time before the 45 days pass and by doing so you get a refund. The company also offers what it calls a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

According to them, the meaning of this is that a customer’s irritating issue can be tackled by the company owner himself. The web hosting plan also offers you limitless FTP accounts, sub domains and email accounts. Are you worried about disk space and bandwidth issues? A slow website is a major turn off for your site visitors. According to many people who have reviewed HostGator, adequate disk space and bandwidth are usually guaranteed. Their services also include reseller hosting where you are allowed to create control panels for your clients. These control panels allow your clients to build and edit their websites without your help.

The company also offers VPS hosting for the clients who do not want to have either shared or dedicated servers. For those who do not know, a dedicated server is normally offered to one customer. It is often quick, secure and easy to control. A shared server is the opposite of a dedicated server. Do you have existing web applications? HostGator website usually operates on Apache, Linux, Php and MySQL. As a result, it is compatible with many other applications whether they are hosted on WordPress, Joomla or any other platforms. Besides web hosting, you can use the company’s domain search service to obtain a unique and available name for your upcoming website. After reading the above HostGator Review, you should be able to make the right decision.

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