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There is a whole lot of science involved in this advertising strategy. On a very simple note, it is similar to buying the top notch space as in the print and electronic media. The only difference lies in the fact that an enterprise or an individual has to pay for the total no of visitors on the website. Looks simple? Ahem it is not! A lot of analysis goes onto the implementation of PPC as an advertising strategy. For that matter any strategy that has a commercial aspect attached requires a lot of market study and cost analysis. Therefore a large enterprise should have at least one PPC expert in the marketing team. In case of SMBs, they can seek to hire a PPC expert based on the outsourcing model.

Imperfection is the law of nature. Therefore no strategy is infallible and works well with all situations. Similarly Pay-Per-Click does work best for certain situations like campaigns, direct response business and keyword promotion. For long term marketing and promotion actions such as website marketing, a single strategy like PPC does not work good because then it would be a very cost intensive affair. A clever mix of SEO and PPC is the best in such cases. In case of smaller advertising and marketing campaigns, PPC is a great way to generate immediate traffic. In this case, an individual or an enterprise has the flexibility of changing the messaging at any point of time. In the case of direct response business wherein the target audience can immediately lured to buy the advertised product, PPC can be very effective. Enterprises like Jabong and Flipkart go for PPC. In the third case where enterprises are looking forward to promote certain keywords, this marketing strategy comes across as an effective solution. A PPC expert is generally well versed with the market mechanics and the business model.

It is important to hire a PPC expert for the correct implementation of the advertising mechanism. PPC is not about click but about how those clicks are converted into business opportunities. For this particular purpose, a PPC expert monitors certain things very closely. They are:

• Track the conversions- this entails a close monitoring of the total number of visitors who made purchases, completed a sales enquiry form, downloaded a white paper, and registered with the website.

• Set a practical PPC budget- the budget set for per click should be less than the total profit earned per click.

• Search for the niche keywords- it is important to use all possible market analytic tools and freeze upon narrow, focused keywords.

• Writing good content- it is the prerogative for all marketing initiatives, short term or long term. A clear cut, smart writing with evenly balanced keywords Effectively Support all possible advertising initiatives.

It is important to hire a PPC expert who understands the market dynamics and is flexible enough to cleverly accommodate change. Also, a PPC expert should be vigilant enough to prevent other keywords from outbidding his chosen keywords.

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