How to Choose a Web Host: Steps

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I recently decided to start a website for my small business. The vast majority of my business takes place at art and craft fairs so I didn’t feel I needed a website at first. As my business started to grow, however, I realized that a website was the next big step for expansion. As I looked for a web host, I learned quite a bit about what you should look for to get the best experience and service.

Cost is of course most people’s prime concern when looking for a web service of any sort. Establish a budget ahead of time so you know what is out of your league. A budget will also give you a reasonable amount to spend on web hosting and will help you not get sucked in to the super cheap and ultimately frustrating low quality service.

Having an understanding of the website you want is key to picking a web host. You need to know how much space you need from the web host to be able to get a price estimate from them. If you are hiring a designer, ask them how much space they expect to need.

If you are building the website yourself or using a software program for storefronts, talk to different web hosts about what their space limits mean in real world terms. For instance, is there a cap on how many visitors can visit the website at one time? What about how many photos you upload? This way, you can determine which host or which hosting plan is right for you.

This will also give a chance to try out their customer service and tech support department. You want to have all kinds of quick and accurate help during a website crisis so evaluating the customer service you receive is important before making a decision.

Along with the quality of tech support, reliability as far as the actual hosting services is paramount to finding a host worth your money. You can look online for reviews of web hosting companies to determine who is most known for having their servers and things of that sort that you want to avoid.

The one I finally went with got my attention because they have an environmental aspect to their mission. All the power that runs the server my business website is hosted on is produced from renewable resources. Solar panels and wind turbines keep my website and running without hurting the environment.

I have a web design firm who does my website for me and a great, socially responsible web host company behind them to keep my small business live online and eco friendly. To make sure you get the web hosting company that is best for your business, do the research and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I’m a website hosting professional specializing in cloud hosting. You may also be interested in reading more information about web host.

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