Organic SEO Services: How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

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Landing page optimization aims to increase conversions for clicks that get to that page. Every page on your website is a potential landing page. By using search engine optimization techniques and link building, you can convert visitors into customers. Some webmasters create landing pages that encourage users to subscribe to a newsletter, buy a specific product, download a white paper, or sign up for free trials. How you define “customer” depends on your business goals.

Your main objective is to create landing pages that encourage people to complete a specific action. When you want to promote a product or service, it’s not recommended to send visitors to your homepage. If you want to advertise your latest ebook, webinar, or product, make it as simple as possible.

Set up a special page where people can find detailed information about what you are offering. Your page has no more than three seconds to capture the attention of the visitor and convert on the call to action button that brought him there. The fewer steps you put between prospects and the information you want them to see, the more you will reduce bounce rates.

Many times markers focus too much on highlighting the benefits of their products and services. It is important to ensure message consistency. Keep the tone consistent across the whole process and do not promise what you can’t offer. Your call to action should be visible and create a clear and logical goal path. Remove anything that shouldn’t be there. If pictures aren’t necessary, take them off your page. Make your landing page easy to scan and navigate. Test more versions of the copy.

Set the goal of your age before writing it. Make sure to add an email form to collect customers’ contact information. State the biggest benefit of your offer. Introduce a deadline for your offer. Keep the copy as simple and short as possible. Avoid fluff and focus on the facts.

A successful landing page should answer a few simple questions. What’s the offer? Who is the audience? Why are they interested? How can they get started? Your page should also have a focused theme, offer incentives, and include cutting-edge analytics to track user engagement. Think in terms of usability and keep the exit points at a minimum. Landing pages are a key element of your marketing campaign as you capture leads and push them down your sales funnel.

Many virtual assistants know how to create successful landing pages that convert. Some of them are also offering organic SEO services. Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to grow your business and increase your productivity with minimum investment.

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