Things To Remember When Writing A SEO Article

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A SEO article can guarantee an increase of site traffic if people search for words, which are the common keywords that you used for your article. Through this, a great amount of traffic will definitely be drawn to your website, which will be very beneficial for you. You can simply do this by having the knowledge on optimizing your own website so it will rank on the first page of every search engine today. However easy this may sound, actually doing it means a lot of work. A great deal of practice and good writing skills are necessary to make this work.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you efficiently write a SEO article:

Know the keywords:

Make sure that you have a primary keyword and a few secondary keywords to use. To be able to increase your website ranking, at least use 2-5% of your chosen keywords in the whole article. One great tip is to make use of your keywords every 100 words and make sure that the keyword is visible in every paragraph. By doing this, you will be able to maintain your keywords, which will definitely help you rank higher on search engines.

Use of images on your article:

Before you write your article, it will be great if you search for a picture that is relevant to the article topic or the content of the article. This will definitely help increase the views on your websites. Article writers who have been around in this field know very well that the use of images on their articles should always be considered. Don’t just give your audience a plain old text of 400 words or more; let them visualize what you are actually talking about and people will definitely take the time to finish the whole article and even look forward to the next articles that you will come up with.

Link building:

Linking your content to other relevant content will help the article a lot. However, keep in mind not to have many links. 2-3 links would be enough.

Concentrate of content quality:

As much as possible; keep the whole content up to 400-500 words, never exceeding 700 words. This is because no one has the time to actually read such a long article unless you’re telling a story. Since you have a word limit, it is very important that you write a very readable article.

Provide useful information:

Providing your readers with useful information will definitely help your website ranking.

Considerations to keep in mind:

• If you’re new to content writing, you can get help from an online keyword tool to help you with the keywords you ought to use.

• Don’t populate your article with keywords.

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