Choosing the Right Hosting Providers

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Identifying the hosting necessities in such a way that you can assess and compare the various options available, is one important step in choosing the right hosting providers. Consider the following factors as you start to describe your qualifications in choosing the right one.

Customer Care/Support Services
It is vital to recognize the level of Customer Care and Support services that will be accessible to you as a client. Evaluate the company’s online resource for support to assure that they are friendly and functional. Make sure to choose the provider that considers customer care as an important objective.

Uptime Guarantees
You have to request as to the genuine uptime levels for the past six months and what their most horrible outage within that timeframe. Make sure to have the accurate guaranteed commitments on network uptime, hardware replacement elapsed time, and elapsed time for the data restoration on site. Furthermore, in an incident of an outage, are they willing to provide a credit to the monthly fees and try to identify the taken approach so that you can distinguish the company’s loyalty.

Bandwidth and Storage
Now a days, most hosting providers offer bandwidth allocations of 200GB/month or even more. Make sure you think about your site and how it is used to assure that this is the right choice. The provider should give a minimum of two OC3 lines for connectivity with enough bandwidth for every host server.

Shared Vs. Dedicated Hosting

It is very important to consider that the hosting company support personnel manages the server. When a problem arise with the server, it should not be you who will be fixing the problem, but rather, them. This is also true when there’s a problem with the operating system. Make sure you have an idea on both shared and dedicated hosting so that you will end up with the right choice.

Server Platforms Offered
Ask this question: Does the hosting provider give numerous platforms to choose from on the newest and largest equipment? Even though it is likely to host a web site on the CPU of a regular personal computer, receptive web sites demands high speed SCSI disk drives, quick microprocessors, and multiple memory. Inquire about the certifications of the engineers and support staff when it comes to the level of platforms.

Server and Device Administrations
Ask your choice these queries: What stage of control and access will you have over the site? Can you honestly access the site and if so, in what means? Do you supply FTP access, a remote control, a web-based console, and a lot more?

What kind of reporting ability are offered by the provider? It is very important to get a good reporting investigation tools to inspect how many people view your site and where they come from. Additionally, it is also appropriate to be able to trace the updates to the site when they were created and if ever an issue will rise, you can easily identify who was last person to adjust the site.

Make sure that the site is backed up for at least once a day or frequently if needed depending on your business requirements. It is very necessary to understand how long you will be down in the occurrence of hardware or other trouble that necessitates your site be controlled from a backup.

Customer Base
It’s imperative to judge a hosting provider by the company they maintain. You have to evaluate their website and check for customer reference and testimonials. Ask in details about the types of companies they cater and check if you are fitting for their business.

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