How to Create Viral Content

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Internet marketers often talk of creating viral content. This is because viral content spreads fast. It can build back-links within a very short span of time and less effort. Back-links not only direct traffic to your website, they also enhance your position in search engine results.

Here are some of the ways to create viral content.

Be absurd

Many of the most well-liked viral videos involve some absurd characters. If you can dream of a unique and appealing character, there’s likely to be a substantial increase in traffic. This would also lead to brand recognition. However, never get carried away and make several such characters. It’s often difficult to invent a fresh character regularly that would charm the online audience. On the other hand, too many flops could damage your brand.

Capture the emerging trends

This is a good way of creating viral content. By releasing timely and fresh content on some emerging trends, you would be able to earn a natural advantage over others and attract lot of attention. People are also likely to be apt in searching for news-related content that result in more back-links, besides generating content for your website. You can also benefit in securing a higher rank on popular search engines. This is because search engines give higher ranks to websites that have fresh content.

Consider sound bites

Viral content often attains popularity because it sounds very catchy. To determine whether the content on your page comprises this elusive quality, try to read the opening paragraph of your article as if you’re a news reader. Would you want to read further and learn more about the article based on what you have already read out? If not, you have to go back to your drawing board and redo your content until it sounds like what your audience would prefer listening and share it freely.

Use info-graphics

Info-graphics that are visually appealing are among the most frequently shared items of online content. It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words and people prefer to learn more from visual imagery than scanning long and seemingly endless paragraphs of text.

Offer outstanding value

Providing some exceptional value in your video or article can help you in achieving a viral status. For instance, if every one of your peers is publishing a “Top 10” list on a given topic, you can consider releasing a “Top 50” list. This would attach an outstanding value to your content.

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