How Your Web Hosting Company Views You

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You’re one of the many thousands. You sign up for a service. The web hosting company you chose to do business with seems reputable. You did your homework, and they had good reviews. How will they view you, and how will you be treated?

Chances are this company had meager beginnings. They probably had a few customers to start with and had to work hard to build a clientele. They learned, way back then, that giving the public what they wanted would generate a positive response. It would also take excellent customer service to keep them from straying to another company.

A good customer support department is essential to a web hosting company. Providing support 24/7 to their customers, so they can call whenever they have problems, is so important. If a company feels their customers are vital to their business, they will do many other things to keep them coming back. For example, the company website should be easy to understand and navigate. Their prices should be competitive; and they should run specials, from time to time, to attract new people. They should focus on the individual customer because that is the backbone of their business.

The individual customer should be viewed as a link to their success – one that can’t be broken. One story comes to mind. A friend of mine was having trouble with her hosting site. She felt she was overcharged. She contacted billing or support, and she said it took forever for them to investigate the whole matter, and when they got back to her they offered no explanation; just that the charges stand! She was quite disappointed and angry to say the least and took her business elsewhere. This is a good example of where a web hosting company feels they have thousands upon thousands of people with sites so losing one here or there really doesn’t matter. In this case, how they view their customers is not positive.

What should you look for? In order to sign up with a hosting company that views you in a positive way, you need to look for certain qualities in the company. Recommendations rank high on the list when it comes to choosing a web host. Talk to friends and find out who they use and if they have had any trouble with them. Also find out if they have round-the-clock support available because that’s important. Then there are other issues you could inquire about such as price, what they offer,etc.

And lastly, you’re in control. If your web hosting company isn’t viewing you in a positive way, find another and don’t look back. You deserve better.

Phyllis Petry

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