Penguin and Back Link Amends From Google – May 2012

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1. Changes that will affect back-links

In addition to the Penguin update, Google added algorithms (maths) that detect fake back-links and other spam elements

They now have algorithms in place designed to detect a variety of spam techniques and false link schemes. This change means that they are using the signals in the rest of their ranking.

What should you do?

Remove all spam elements from your web pages and only use safe SEO methods to promote your website.

2. Changes to the Penguin update

Google’s April Penguin update punished websites that participated in fully automated linking schemes and other spam systems. In may Google released this update:

“Improvements to Penguin. This month we rolled out a couple minor tweaks to improve signals and refresh the data used by the penguin algorithm.”

What should you do?

If you don’t want to jeopardise your website’s rankings, do not participate in automated link schemes that automatically create forums accounts, blog comments, etc. If you want to get long lasting results, try to get high quality back-links lift your website ranking.

Changes that affect your web page titles on Google’s result pages

In previous articles I have mentioned the need for (firstly) a title tag and (secondly) a great one!

Google has released three changes in May to the way it displays the titles of your web pages on the search result pages:

The new algorithm means that the title needs to be much more succinct and not elongated. However, the new title should be accurate to the page content also.

Efficient and more focused set of title tags in the search results.

(codename: ‘TopOfTheRock’)

When presenting titles in search results, we want to avoid copy that doesn’t describe the page accurately, such as ‘Go Back.’ This change helps improve titles by avoiding these less useful bits of text.”

(codename: ‘OtisRedding’)

Note: If your title is truncated, Google will now cut it off at the point of maximum characters, and may change the title in the search results from the one you created in the site.

(codename: ‘tomwaits’)

What should you do?

Ensure that your website page titles are short, convincing and to the point so that Google’s doesn’t have to rewrite them.

Your SEO Company

Of course, if your you pay an SEO company for SEO services to ensure that your website gets to page 1 on Google, or any other search engine for that matter, then you should have no problem with any changes Google choose to make as most know that if they are carrying out ethical work (on site, or off) then these changes should not touch your site.

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