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Isn’t a business site just a formality to look halfway respectable? Is a well-written and optimized website really necessary? If you just answered yes, I hope that you’ll read on. I promise that you need to do so!

An online presence (website) that also appears on the first page of search engine keyword searches is an absolute must in 90% of today’s 21st Century industries. That’s right. If your website does not present relevant info and also attract and convert a large number of searchers, surfers, and clients, you will probably will never reach the top tier of your industry.

Why? That’s easy. There are two definitive reasons: 1. Potential clients and customers use the internet and online search engines today just as people used the Yellow Pages to locate products, services, and organizations in the past. 2. Most of your competition is employing search engine optimization, which is in a sense against you!

A person, company, organization, or firm absolutely must use a degree of search engine optimization just to stay competitive. To reach the top, more is necessary. A regular SEO plan must be set in place. But, how is this done?

A good marketing plan, as earlier written, requires a solid online presence. This online integration requires a knowledgeable writer (SEO specialist) and online marketing consultant to help fit the pieces together with you and your staff, and to help your website become great friends with GOOGLE, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Search engine optimization specialists understand exactly what you should, that your webpages must be written with the thoughts of online searchers and potential clients in mind. Specific keywords used by these folks in searches must be identified and employed amid the website. That is the core essence of search engine optimization.

After figuring out which keywords to use, and writing with them as centerpieces, the SEO expert should also instruct your webmaster as to what info to include in meta tags, titles, and keyword spaces behind the scenes, and the writer himself or herself should properly employ various-sized scripts for headings and subtitles, etc. It requires thinking, and is not easy.

Should the website writer or SEO specialist you employ be given full reign over your site, given the same passwords, direct access, posting and publishing rights as the webmaster or head of online marketing? I generally say no. I like to think of the writer as a specialist that provides the firm with information for the companies to place and use as they themselves choose. But, opinions vary.

Website writing, SEO web writing, and site copyrighting are all tasks that require professionals to complete properly, as opposed to everyday Adam and Eves with some spare time on their respective hands.

You wouldn’t call a local typist to perform your household plumbing, or a mechanic to do a yearly checkup on your child; so, don’t hire someone outside the web content writing field to do your web writing, particularly SEO work.

SEO professionals are required! Do not cheat yourself or your organization by using less. A writing specialist may be the best investment that your firm ever makes.

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