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Most businesses want to have a steady inflow of free website traffic but don’t know how to get them. Here’s a simple and effective guide towards that end.

Create some free products and services

Websites witness a steady inflow of traffic whenever you offer something useful. You can create several types of useful content that conforms to the niche of your website. You can write articles giving lots of advice or some short and precise tips. The best way, however, to generate traffic is by creating a free product. When the products attain popularity, people would start visiting your website. Chances are that they would visit all sections of your website.

Use viral content

While free products and services could be good options for directing traffic to your sire, the best option in this regard is using viral content. To the uninitiated, viral content is so named because it spreads like a virus. When users scan through your content, they refer it to their friends and relatives and post it on various websites. This is like a free promotion. Viral content gets distributed on its own and the only task of the webmaster is to create the content and submit it to some popular websites. Viral content could be videos and photographs as well or a well-researched article.

Offline promotion

Offline promotion is a mostly forgotten aspect of free website promotion. Computers, these days, can be spotted almost everywhere and there are people who spend more time on the computer than anywhere else. However, life still hasn’t completely moved on to the internet. Offline promotion is a powerful way of popularizing your website but only if you knows how to use it. Some conventional ways of promoting your website offline is to print your URL on your business cards and souvenirs. You can also print the URL on your company’s vehicles. Printing T-shirts, coffee mugs and other merchandise with your company’s logo inscribed on them is another way of making your website more popular.

Include the URL in signatures

Inclusion of the URL in forum signatures can also generate free traffic to your websites. There are many forums that witness millions of visitors each day. If you’re a popular member of any such forum, you can exploit the opportunity to direct traffic to your website. Whenever you post content on the forum and visitors like your post, they may click on your URL and check out your website.

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