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With numerous businesses going online, there is a need for business owners to know the significance of a search friendly website design. Search engines perceive web content in a totally different way from the way internet users perceive it. Therefore, designing a website to cater for the search spider recognition is necessary and essential in SEO. However, the need to design websites to appear favorably on the search results should in no way undermine the need to present quality content for the internet users since they are the main target of any internet marketing and at the core of any successful business.

For any website to be on the search engine results’ list, the content must be in HTML. Having a beautiful website with numerous images, java applets, and flash files does not contribute to web ranking. Despite the advancement made in crawling technology, search engine spiders are unable to recognize such formats hence the need to design business and corporate sites in a recognizable format. Apart from HTML text format, there are other formats that can be used to ensure visibility by search engines; such formats may include using images in jpg, png, or gif format, where you assign them “alt attributes” in HTML abetting the engines to recognize descriptions assigned to visual content.

Other methods that can be used to enhance SEO include supplementing search boxes with crawlable links, supplementing java plug-in or flash with HTML text on the page, and lastly in order to optimize video and audio content in SEO, it is essential to use HTML text for the transcripts of the video and audio content. These methods will ensure the website is visible to the search engines; however, it is extremely essential to incorporate these techniques in writing high quality material that will appeal to the targeted users.

When writing web content, it is essential to ensure keyword use. Keywords are essential for the search process and they should be the main building blocks of web content. However, the use of keywords should be handled with care as some SEO experts have abused this important aspect by overusing keywords. While the web content you write should have specific keywords, it is essential that your content satisfies your clients’ needs. Any business owner should recognize that designing a good website requires more than just what appeals to the human eye; and being visible to the search spiders is as necessary as the content you write for your clients.

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