Detecting Several Types Of Click Frauds During PPC Campaigns

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Ever since pay-per-click has been introduced in the online business platform, fraud networks have become the biggest headache for the PPC services professionals. If experts are to be believed, excessive clicking on website links and link farms is not new to the online community. Click fraud has been adopted as a con method in the industry since Internet has become a commercial enterprise for the business owners. This article is a complete illustration of the methods one can use to find the click fraud during the PPC campaigns.

Track Your Keyword Performance:

You can yourself check the click frauds at your end. If you find some specific keywords available in your ad campaign suddenly starts doing well, investigate the matter. If you suspect click fraud in the campaign, alter the comprehensive setup of your ad campaigns and track each keyword indexed by the search engines. Keeping an eye on the statistics of each page separately can also be very helpful. You can also break down the data in more manageable portions to stand out clearly on the campaigns.

Check The Number of Abnormal Clicks:

This is precisely the most prominent type of click fraud available in the internet marketing domain. This method is particularly used for quick attacks. Your competitors intrude in your log files and when they find it abandoned and repeatedly click on your ads to deplete your account’s significance.

Considerable Reduction In Conversion:

If your normal conversion rate dives negative into numbers, you may also interpret it as serious breach. Click fraud indicate extra click on the ads with no real purchase or transaction as such. This leads to a serious conversion crunch.

High Percentage in Traffic Bounce:

In case you notice that a good amount of visitors are quitting your website without involving in some serious transactions, the chances of serious click fraud in your PPC campaign are prominent. You can check the pattern of visitors clicking on your ad and the minimum amount of time they spend on your site. If visitors leave your website without returning to the landing page, it’s a serious indication that some thing is seriously wrong with your campaign.

High Clicks and Impressions on Affiliate Websites:

It has been noticed that many a times affiliates itself perform click fraud but at various occasions they become the victims of this activity themselves. If an affiliate uses the method of excessive clicks and impressions on an affiliate’s site, search engines soon notice an abnormally high payment ratio out of the Click-Through-Rates.

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