How Do I Decide on Linux or Windows?

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One of the first things you often have to consider is what operating system should you choose to host your website. There are a number of different choices out there but the main two are Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. Depending on which operating system to go with depends on your needs.

This article is going to offer information for those trying to decide which hosting platform to go with. It would help you understand your need and choose the right hosting platform to best suit your needs.

Linux is one of the more popular operating systems on the Web, mostly because it is easy to install and get running. Windows is another popular operating system for Web hosting providers because it has a lot of support. Linux and Windows are the two most common and readily available operating systems, and there are many good reasons for using both.

The majority of web features run fine on both platforms including PHP, mySQL, POP3 etc. Both Windows and Linux servers will serve HTML pages and JavaScript. Consider the tools and scripting languages you plan to use to make your website. If you use PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux is the way forward. If you need to support Microsoft products such as ASP, ASP.NET, MS Access, or VBScript, then Windows hosting would be better. Furthermore, if you are comfortable with IIS and do not have the time to understand how UNIX works, Windows hosting would again be a better choice. Also if you’re going to run a dynamically driven Web site, then you’ll want a database. The two most popular are MySQL and Access. MySQL runs on both Linux and Windows, but is more often found on Linux servers. SQL Server (MS SQL) or Access database is only available for Windows.

There are some things to remember. First of all, just because you use Windows at home on your desktop PC does not mean you should use Windows web hosting. The two are completely different, and having a Windows system at home will not affect your ability to communicate with a Linux server. Secondly, Linux is much more common with web hosts due to its superior stability. Linux hosting is usually cheaper than Windows. Just because it is cheaper does not mean it’s not as good – Linux is an excellent product too.

The reliability and stability is very important to your Web host and have been the topic argued on. The main reason that Windows is seen as being insecure is that it is the most widely used operating system for home PC’s. People spend more time looking for flaws in the most common system. With Linux being the most common server type, it has a surprising number of successful hack attempts made on it. In the end the security of both platforms is more important at the hosting services administration level than it is at the operating system level. If you have good administrators, your server will be more secure – regardless of operating system. If you are security minded then you’ll do better to make sure that the hosting company is reputable and highly skilled than to worry about the server they use.

Both the types of hosting offer the same level of proficiency. So when choosing a hosting server you find one that has the options/features you want for running of your website, rather than worrying about what operating system they are running on the back end.

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