How Information on the Internet Travels, A Brief Review

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Being a virtual assistant, I was always wondering how information on the internet travels. I assumed that it only takes a split-second to connect to the internet and access information. But my perception changed after watching this short video clip, Warriors of the Net which showed me how keywords are being read and translated.

The summary below will explain what the video is all about.

The process goes as if the internet has established its own community of virtual netizens, fighting against human-generated information. The packets, firewalls and routers are the ones who spend time checking and evaluating keywords.

Like any factory that has a risk of accidents and defective bottles, TCP packet carry tons of words that a user has entered in a web browser or in a search engine while being scanned for malicious content.

  • If a malicious content is found, the packet is destroyed. Otherwise, they travel along a super highway, collide with each other every now and then and explode eventually.
  • The packets are then classified by the router on where they are supposed to go. The router looks similar to a squid and when its hands are so busy, the packets have a tendency to collide as well. The packets pass through the proxy server that acts as a middleman in a corporate world.
  • Afterwards, the packets pass through the firewall and to another router for final inspection. The proxy server makes sure that every packet is of good quality.

The video clearly showed how man and machine worked together as a team. But I realized that while we were just having fun pointing/clicking the mouse and retrieving information, being a part of the internet is quite complicated.

  • During the process of information exchange, the packets, firewalls and routers never stop working. They are busier than bees, working as much as they can.
  • When problems occur, if the proxy server fails for example. There is no way that you can have access to the internet. Although you still have an internet connection, you cannot access any website at all.
  • This usually happens if your website is hosted for free. So if you are running an internet-based business, it is advised to get a paid hosting service. Otherwise, your website will not be accessible disappointing a potential customer. He will look for similar services somewhere else instead which will lower your chance to increase your sales or get noticed.

Perhaps, this is also why sometimes, the information you are looking for is hard to find. The right phrases must be figured out or else you will end up getting the wrong information.

Pweng Bee is a professional virtual assistant who writes in a wide range of topics and a disciple of cheap bookstores who is passionate about DIY projects, flabby stuff, independent films, geeky/graphic books and anything that’s weird and bizarre.

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