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As a local business owner, one way to attain rankings of high value on the Google search engine for your business and let people know you’re an expert in your area is to make quality videos about your business for certain keywords that you want to promote. There may be certain products or services that you offer that you want people to be aware of.

People may have questions about what you do in your business or how you do certain tasks that are associated with your profession.

So a great way to show your expertise about what you do is to answer the most frequently asked questions that people ask you every day in your business dealings with your customers.

Every business owner I ever talked to can list about 20 of these questions right off the top of their head. Of course they can also answer each of these questions quite easily as well.

To go about this, make a separate video about the question and the answer included in each separate video. Then post these videos on the popular authoritative video sites that are available on the Internet. In this way, people will learn more about you and consider you an expert in your area because you will have answered the questions that they have about you and your business.

Remember most of your competitors are not making these videos – so you will stand out in the viewer’s mind as the expert.

At the beginning of each video introduce yourself and tell people who you are and where they can find you. They may want to call you and talk with you or they may want to stop by your shop and look around to see what you have to offer in products or services. So make sure you post your address, your website, and your phone number so they can have easy access to it.

In the middle of the video say the question and the answer to that question so that people can get informative information that will answer their question that they possibly were wondering about.

These types of videos should be no longer than 1 minute long. They should be short and concise and give a complete answer to the question.

Again at the end of the video you should give your audience the information on how they can find you and get in touch with you for your products and services.

Repeat this process and do several these videos periodically a few times per month and post them on the Internet and notice how people in your community start calling you or coming into your shop to buy your products and services.This done often enough, this could just land you a celebrity spot in your neighborhood.

For more information about how videos could be used for your business to find you more customers see the resource box at the bottom of this article for more information

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Brian Dawson

President of Customer Finder Marketing

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