How to Speed Up a Consumer’s Online Experience

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A lot of businesses are keen to hire an experienced web designer to make the tweaks which could significantly boost their website’s speed. However, many may also be able to boost their loading times by changing their web host.

The importance of a great web host

A web hosting company is responsible for providing the server on which your business’ website is stored.

There are hundreds of different servers out there and they are certainly not all created equally.

Some servers will only be able to provide an optimum service to a limited amount of consumers at any one time. Investing in a reputable web hosting company with the latest server technology could make the world of difference for those hoping to increase the speed of their website.

The difference between good and great servers

Servers are responsible for sending a website’s HTML to the computers of every consumer who requests to view it. Some have the power to deal with thousands of simultaneous requests from web users all over the world. Owners of popular websites will certainly need to ensure that their servers are able to do this.

Many high-quality web hosting companies provide servers which have an abundance of features to ensure they can efficiently deal with high levels of traffic. Some are able to efficiently transfer bandwidth between servers to ensure that no individual server becomes overloaded. Others provide separate servers for static file transfers, whilst an increasing amount now provide virtual hosting to serve many websites using just one IP address.

A few web hosting companies are even committed enough to own and maintain their own networks; putting them in control of eliminating any potential traffic jams or latencies at network level. This puts the reliability of their service completely in their own hands.

Dedicated hosting

The fewer requests being handled by a web server, the faster it is able to respond to each individual one. For this reason, many businesses are keen to invest in dedicated hosting.

Those paying for a dedicated hosting service are investing in a server dedicated solely to their website, meaning the speed of their website won’t be affected by the amount of visitors to other domains.

Should I change my web host?

Servers are no different to normal computers. They eventually become outdated and need replacing.

The top web hosting companies are always looking for ways to improve their technology to ensure customers always have access to the fastest servers money can buy.

Companies lucky enough to be hosting their web pages on these servers are not only likely to speed up their consumers’ online experience, but could also improve the reliability of their website. This could certainly be an investment which ends up paying for itself.

There are thousands of web hosting companies online which claim to be the best – but it is often well worth doing some research to see if there is a better option available for your business.

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