Organic SEO Services: How to Promote Your Forum for Free

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Starting a forum and attracting members can be difficult. The most popular and successful forums are those that provide high quality content. It is important to make your forum stand out and offer unique information. Your forum, even if it’s still small, needs to have some good content in order to attract its first visitors. Incorporate a blog into your forum or set up a separate blog and add a few posts related to the main theme of your forum. Blogging is a great way to spread the word about your website and attract people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Set up a Facebook fan page for your forum. Sign up on Twitter and other social media sites where you can tell people about your new site. Ask your friends and followers to join your forum and write a few posts. Start engaging threads and encourage users to express their opinion. Launch a contest on your favorite social media site and ask participants to leave a comment on your forum. Send out an email to all participants or offer some reward to the most active users.

Add online tutorials and unique articles on your forum. Go to Yahoo Answers and look for questions in your niche. Provide information that helps people find answers to their questions. Write articles related to your forum and distribute them in article directories. People search for articles in different categories and after reading the post they usually follow the link included in the author box. For example, if you have an Internet marketing forum, you can write a few posts about the benefits of SEO and online advertising, and publish them in article directories or use them as guest posts. Add a link to your forum in the resource box.

Stay in touch with your forum members. One of the biggest advantages of having a forum is that you will have access to the email addresses of its members, so you can contact them on a regular basis. Even if your site is unique and memorable, people may still forget to come back. Click on the new posts and see what’s happening there. Engage in conversations. Set up an area where members can talk about anything they want. Listen to your forum members and see what they want. Come with new ideas and include a call to action in your posts.

A company that offers organic SEO services can promote your website or forum on the Internet. If you have just started a forum, you can also hire a backlink building service provider. He or she can help you with your link building efforts and boost your popularity online.

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