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If you own a business that has a website then you have probably at some time been approached either by phone or email from someone offering an effective way of turning your website into a gold mine. SEO has become a lucrative industry that many have heard off and so that initial call or message may ring a bell for many a business owner who is hoping for that additional client or conversion from the website they have invested much time and money into.

So how do you know if the investment into SEO is going to be worthwhile? If you are continually promised a higher return on your investment with SEO and guaranteed that extra conversion on a weekly basis then eventually you may succumb and give it a try. But before giving your credit card details to the persistent sales executive from the local SEO business there are a few things you can do to ensure you are going to get some proper work carried out on your website. Just ask a few simple questions to start with –

Can you give me some examples of keywords for which your company has achieved high rankings for another web site?

What SEO methods do you apply to help my website achieve a higher ranking in Google?

These 2 questions alone should be enough to ensure you are dealing with an ethical SEO company. The first question ensures you are able to actually carry out a check yourself by placing the keywords given into Google and seeing the result for yourself, ensure the keywords they give you are competitive by using the Google Adword Tool to check volumes. The second question gives you the opportunity to discover how well they know the subject area. They should answer along the lines that they use tried and tested white hat techniques that get results. There are no quick hits when it comes to SEO and if they say differently they are lying, hang up now and ignore them.

Depending on the size of your company will dictate the quality of the responses you get from the above 2 questions. If you are a large company and involved with marketing your site then you shouldn’t be answering calls from sales execs but actively researching ethical SEO companies. For the rest of you small business owners then ensure you research anyone promising you a higher than usual return. One last tip, get the company name of the SEO company place it in Google and add ‘scam’ at the end and hit return, if no relevant results appear you could have just had a chat with a ethical SEO company.

Know if you are dealing with an ethical SEO company by following this SEO advice.

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