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Link building is often the most frustrating and stressing job for individuals and small companies who are unaware of how to do it. This is because bigger and better competitors often beat them at it. Creating a deep link, however, isn’t much of a hard task and one can easily direct free traffic to his site.

Here are some strategies towards smart link building.

Link bait

Link bait is the place where a website develops high quality content that would attract other websites as well as individuals who want to establish a link with the company’s site. The company has to build highly informative and educative content that internet users would find too good to resist. This would make the website popular and ensure a steady stream of traffic.

Link magnetism

This is the place where the company develops superior or high quality content that addresses the market needs. The company can discuss a particular issue that’s pertinent to the market and provide a solution to only those who are linked to the website. This is likely to attract a huge inflow of traffic who would want to be linked to the website so as to get the solution to the problem. This is considered to be a very effective method of ensuring that the company’s website would witness visitors. Other sections related to the website like forums, blogs etc. also get good web traffic. As the site would be unique, visitors would be interested to link themselves to you. You can also carry out online discussions in a separate section. Besides, the web page can be linked to press articles, guest blogs, interviews and other interactive sections that are most likely to attract an audience.

Dead link building

This is the place where the company scours for any broken link or missing content from other companies that are related to the content of the website. As often said, quality content is the king and this is the only thing that attracts visitors. The visitors must be able to take back functional information from the website. Else, they won’t have any interest to revisit it.

Relationship building

This is often considered to be a guaranteed way of building strong links. The company can establish contacts with other companies that have similar interests. Building a good relation often serves as a mutual benefit. Both websites promote each other’s links that results in a growth of the business.

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