Why Email Surveys Are A Good Idea

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Email surveys are a good idea for a business looking for a quick response. Compared to mail and phone surveys the cost, of course, is negligible. The advent of the internet has opened up many new ways for companies and businesses to interact with the public, but the tried and trusted survey is still a recommended way of gleaning information.

Advantages of Email Surveys over Phone and Mail

Unsolicited phone surveys can gain an instant response, but one big drawback here is that many people will be called out of the blue, and will find it inconvenient. This can result in not only a lot of expenditure on phone calls, but also in a lot of time being wasted. Similarly, the same can be true of mail surveys, though at least the recipient won’t feel pressurized to answer the survey instantly.

Any unsolicited email will be viewed with suspicion, and often regarded as spam. So, for email a survey to ensure they aren’t instantly deleted is to have a strong subject line. This should involve both describing the contents of the email and giving the recipient an incentive to open it. An example of this would be ‘(company name) survey – your valued opinions please’. This type of subject line is polite and also makes the recipient feel as if their views matter. Some companies will also offer rewards such as vouchers for filling in surveys, and this information should be included in the subject line.

Why Email Surveys Can Be More Valued

An email survey will probably be of more worth than a phone survey, because the recipient has had a longer time to think about his or her answers. If a person is naturally polite, then they will probably feel compelled to answer a phone survey. If it’s inconvenient timing, then they will want to get that survey finished as quickly as possible. This means that there is a higher risk of the recipient not listening closely to the question, and consequently give an answer that doesn’t really reflect their views.

The Need for Speed

While a mail survey will also give a person the opportunity to make more considered answers, the speed of email means that replies to surveys can be garnered in the same day that they are sent out. Companies conducting surveys should also offer people the opportunity to opt-in to future surveys. These surveys can then be mailed out to many people simultaneously, which, again, is an example of how time can be saved.

As well as helping companies collect views and opinions, email surveys can be used as a way to create a future mailing list. Again, there should be an opt-in option for survey recipients to choose.

Email surveys are a particularly good way of gaining opinions on happening and/or recent events, which can range from elections to last night’s soap opera. Using email for survey purposes can help give an immediacy to people’s opinions, which, on the internet specifically, is highly desirable.

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