5 Certified Tips That Will Increase Your Banner Ad Conversion Rate

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You can’t just rely on hit or miss to find the right kind of banner advertisement for you – a strategy has to be followed. It will involve placement, creative work, the actual content and the most effective ways to convert clicks into actual profits.

Creating a great banner design is down to the creative effort you put into it, but knowing why and how to do it will require some advance preparations.

Follow the following steps to ensure that you create the best possible banner ad campaigns.

1) Find out what is most important for your client.

This may be an immediate gain, such as a coupon or a price reduction for your product, or simply the introduction of a new product or service. Make your banner into an event; if necessary time limited, and entice your audience to act immediately. When the clock is ticking you will convert more people than you otherwise would.

2) Static banner design or flash banner?

It ultimately boils down to your budget, but you’re going to face harsh competition if you still choose to rely solely on static. Nevertheless, the creative effort that comes out of a great idea will, most of the time, pay big time. Always let the creative ideas drive your banner; include nothing that is not necessary for it to work.

3) Targeting is the key to high conversion rates.

Targeting will do a number of things for you. It will decrease the cost of the campaign and will only bring in the people that are truly interested in your products or services. You can accomplish this by placing your flash banner on sites that interest your audience and by studying their behaviors and their practices.

4) Be specific, be unique!

The banner design has to be something completely different to your competition, have something more to offer and be the best. Study all the possible competition and judge their ads objectively. See what mistakes they make and avoid them at all costs. It is not only about capturing the attention of your potential clients; it’s about standing out amongst your competition as the best choice.

5) Follow your banner promise with a thorough, step by step landing page!

If your potential customer is promised a discount then make sure they get the discount immediately after clicking. Sending your clicker to your site is not always the best idea. You can include a link in your landing page, but it has to be about fulfilling the promise in a step by step manner, with ease and with comfort. The landing page is the actual process where the conversion takes place; the banner, the hook has done its job, so now you have to make sure that the landing also does the job. Remember to understand that all information here has to become a conversion so don’t waste a single word on anything that doesn’t do the job properly.

Following these steps will ultimately guide you in the right direction when designing your campaign and will set the ground rules for every step of the way. It is important to be creative and persuasive, but don’t forget to sustain your campaign with hard evidence and demonstrated successful practices.

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