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Not many people are aware that their article writing skills can earn them an income. There are quite a number of people who write articles for fun. Well, this information is to help such people know of ways to market their skills and look for avenues to generate an extra income. There are actually people who earn a salary by writing articles. The world today is moving away from contemporary jobs and formal employment to using skills to generate an income. In order to make money from your writing skills, you have to market yourself.

One way you can market your skills in writing is by posting your articles on article directories. Article directories are known to be one of the best places where information can be found. Examples of article directories that can be found online include,,,, among many others. The Google search engine has ranked these article directories according to their usefulness. It would be preferable to post your article on article directories that have been ranked highly. The directories with high rankings indicates that quite a number of people visit them. However, there are guidelines that have to be followed in these article directories. You have to read and understand these guidelines before you market yourself through the articles you post.

Another way you can market your article writing skills is by signing up with article-writing websites. These are websites that bring article writers and clients together. The clients are people who want articles or content to be written on a certain topic. To register in some of these article-writing websites, you must be really good in content generation. One thing that you may be required to do is to write a sample so that they can accept you. As an article writer, it is always good to be ready to do a sample or have your own samples ready. In the world today, people want proof that you can deliver something instead of promises made in writing or by word. Your samples have to be top-notch articles because they speak volumes about you.

Starting a blog is another way of marketing your writing skills. You can post some of your samples on the blog so that people all over the world may have access to it. There are many bloggers all over the world who are making thousands of dollars by writing articles and posting information on their blogs. Your blog has to be about a certain topic. Make sure that the information you provide is very interesting and creative. There have been cases where bloggers have been hired as newspaper columnists because of blogging and writing articles. This is one of the wonderful things about the internet. You never know who will be interested in what you have to offer. Blogging can indeed help you market your article writing skills.

Using one or all of the above ways can help you market your article writing skills and you will eventually be able to earn some money from the same.

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