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Billions of people now use the internet. It’s a medium that is accessible 24/7 – 365 days per year and has completely changed the way we work and the way we earn our income.

It is widely known that the Internet is an incredible resource for many income-generating activities. Whether your interest is professional sales or part-time internet marketing, one of the most powerful and easiest methods of income generation is a PPC (or Pay Per Click) affiliate program.

A joint venture with a Pay Per Click affiliate merchant is a win-win situation for both parties.

Currently, sales are booming for developers of good products, programs and systems due to the volumes of traffic being driven by affiliates and the affiliates are being paid handsomely from the generous commission levels paid by the developer.

In simple terms, the affiliate merchant provides an advertising banner or link to place on your website and pays you when someone clicks on the link. You can get a commission of anything from $0.10 to several dollars for every click depending on your merchant sales program.

Once set up with regular traffic flowing you can relax a little while your website is generating clicks and creating an income. It doesn’t really matter if the prospect ends up buying the product or not as you as the affiliate still gets paid for the click through.

So to summarize?

PPC means pay-per-click, whereby you partner with an affiliate company that literally pays you for every click on their product link. There are really three types of PCC affiliate programs – those who pay a commission based on the number of clicks, those that pay on leads and the other based on actual sales. (It’s arguable that payments for clicks and leads are the same thing but often a lead will later convert to a sale and merchants will often also pay you a percentage of that sale as well)

The pay-per-click scheme is by far the most popular medium as the chances of a visitor purchasing something from the affiliate merchant are affected by matters completely out of your control.

So how do you get involved?

You need to have a website within the same niche as the advert you are going to promote, and a ready flow of traffic helps. For example, if your website is about cameras or photography then you can search for affiliate programs that sell products related to photography or how to edit photographs.

You can create a content site about absolutely anything you like such as ‘ Dog Training’ or ‘Diy Around the Home.’ As long as your affiliate promotion is within your web site niche then your visitors are going to be curious and more likely click on your adverts.

How do I maximise my click through rate?

Your website needs to have a quality look about it and designed in such a way that users will find it easy to navigate. Consider how the advert looks and feels. If it doesn’t look professional users will simply be put off and go elsewhere. Place the ad in an obvious and direct position where users can see it clearly. Visibility of the ad is critical.

Generate interest by post links to your website on web communities, in forums or bulletin boards plus write e-zine articles. This obviously requires some effort on your part but it can generate a lot of organic traffic that will keep visiting your website.

Once set up it’s like automating your business. All you have to do after that is general top ups and maintenance.

Lastly, be sure to track your site activity so you can see where your efforts are producing the greatest return

If you think you can take your efforts up a notch, you can try a two-tier affiliate program and recruit other marketers to sell for you.

As well as the money and sales generated from your website’s clicks, you will also get a percentage of what your affiliates earn. It’s entirely possible to earn 50% to 75% on referral sales.

However, you need to be able to manage and monitor your affiliate team as they will quickly stop selling for you if you can’t pay them in a timely fashion. Fortunately a lot of vendors have systems in place to handle two tear affiliates, but if not there are good programs that you can purchase.

If you can recruit more affiliates, then you can double, triple, quadruple your sales or more without very much extra effort.

If you choose affiliates that already have traffic generating sites then naturally this is going to speed up your earning potential. Carrying out some straight forward research on will help to identify some useful contacts.

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