How to Create Powerful Backlinks

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For the foreseeable future link building and creating back links to your website will be the most important aspect of a SEO Campaign, and the main influence in getting your website ranked higher in search engines like Google. With this in mind I have come up with 5 easy steps for you to consider when trying to build ‘back links’ to your site.

1) This may seem an obvious one but it won’t happen by itself so make sure you submit your website to all major search engines. If you add your site to the main 3 or 4 then the rest of them should pick you up as well so don’t worry about submitting to each and every one, stick with the main players and you should be alright. You could also create a site map page to make the search engines spider’s life easier.

2) Try to get a link to your website from another relevant website that has a high page ranking, this could increase the speed and frequency your website would get indexed and of course help to move your website’s page ranking higher. For example if your business is in real estate approach a major player with a high page ranking in a different business area so that you would not be in direct competition and ask them to link to your website.

3) Carefully select directories that fit in with your business / industry area, and submit your site to them. These could be free or paid directories, although most of the free ones will expect a reciprocal link which may not be such a good idea as this can sometimes be seen as bad links.

4) Join relevant forums, take part in discussions and offer sound advice where you can. You should be able to leave a signature link to your website when doing this, thus helping with the cause of getting your rankings higher! You may also attract other forum members to your site and drum up some new business in the process.

5) Write industry specific articles that offer good advice or demonstrate your knowledge on a particular subject. Again add your businesses information and a link to your website in the signature area.

When you’ve done all this make sure that when your page rankings start to move higher and potential customers begin coming your way, they have a decent website full of quality content to look at!

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