My Journey Into Online Video for Business – Taking the Message From the Sidewalk to the Boardroom

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A year ago a friend walked me through an eye-catching video software program already integrated with social media. Wow! Talk about candy for even non-techies (like me). Crisp, HD video that could encompass my branding, be delivered to my clients in a variety of mediums, and all without any distractions or annoying ads. I was impressed and more impressed with the price. A few hundred bucks and $49 a month and these tools were mine. But, the lingering question still was, “What will my customers think?” Is a video message going to be received, embraced and most importantly acted on? Will I be able to incorporate video for profitable results? The only way to find out was to get started.

I began with some simple tasks. I had a few phone calls to return on my first day with the studio and instead of picking up the cell phone, I turned on the webcam. I positioned a light to brighten my face, put some powder on my nose and tidied up my desk. Twenty minutes later I had recorded and sent 5 individual video email messages. Each one personalized to the client and each one with links to the resources specific to their requests. Not more than 10 minutes later the phone rang. It was one of my receivers of the video email, who after the initial “How did you do that?,” question, spoke the words, “I want to work with you, lets set up a program.” By the end of the day, of the 5 video messages I had sent out, I had 2 confirmed new clients. Was I on to something good?

In addition to using video email as a common communications platform, I began to look at other aspects of my workload and transition tasks to video where I could. Over time this has meant a significant change in my normal protocol. Here are some of the most significant projects I have incorporated into video:

1. Top 10. Let Video do the Boring Work
My first project was to write down the 10 most common questions I am asked about my business. I took an afternoon and shot videos of the answers. When the videos were uploaded into my channel, I had the entire set embedded (without advertising) directly on my website. From that day on I started to point clients to them instead of lengthy face or phone time.

2. Training Library
I started to record my most popular trainings including power point and movies clips. Today I have a library of trainings that can be accessed by any client, any time. Clients have responded favorably when they are told they can review the training at their convenience because that feature makes their lives easier as well.

3. Be Face to Face, without being Face to Face
Lately, when I am not feeling like I am ‘connecting” with a client, I will pull them up in a live HD quality, video conference. I have even added a dozen people at one time to video conferences and it results in a full on boardroom discussion. Being able to see and hear everyone in HD video has been a benefit to me and my clients. There is something about seeing your group that moves things forward faster.

4. Save on Travel
When a family sporting event interfered with a business trip, I again went to video. I was able to deliver a training; complete with my desktop being projected onto a conference room wall, at an office over 500 miles away, while I remained in my home office. I ended the event with live streaming, taking questions in real time and showcasing this directly on my website.

Everyday video is finding its way into my business, social and home life; to the benefit of all parties involved. Video has given me the tool to bring my complete message to my audience and simplify my life.

Is the boardroom ready for video? I have found overwhelmingly YES! Video fills the rapport void, the void that technology itself created. People want to interact and do business with people, particularly people they like. Body language, gestures, eye contact and smile aid in building trust and rapport with your client. This can greatly work to your favor when dealing in our online world.

The marketplace is ready, willing and very eager to embrace video in the boardroom, jump on with this technology and experience the benefits yourself.

Pearl Galbraith, Smart Income Coach, teaches easy, simple strategies for online communication and income generation.
When running a solely online business, the ability to reach out and connect to an audience is key to success. Online video has given her the advantage that she needs.
For a review of the 50 Benefits of Video Email check out Reach Pearl at for more strategies on communicating with relevancy in an online world and strategies for simple online income.

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