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To the uninitiated, search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of creating website content that attains the highest possible rank with regard to a particular keyword or a certain set of keyword. Most visitors to a website arrive via searching of related content on popular search engines. Hence, hiring a SEO service provider is often considered the most practical system for ensuring the success of an internet-based business. The SEO industry, however, isn’t formally regulated, a business owner must choose his SEO provider carefully enough so as to ensure the best return possible on his investment.

At the very beginning, ask about the SEO expert’s training and certifications. Many people, these days, claim to be SEO professionals but don’t have any formal training. Ideally, you must hire someone who would be able to demonstrate a commitment to stay atop the industry as a Google Advertising Professional or a SEO Certified Professional.

Inquire about the SEO expert’s approach to linking. Usually, link building programs are vital to the success of a website in the long term. SEO endeavors can fall flat if the correct link building exercise isn’t undertaken. A good SEO expert would offer competitive link analysis, research and a customized strategy to promote the content of your website.

Search for an expert who understands and values teamwork. Search engine optimization exercise often requires the help of an analyst, copywriter, marketing professional, website designer, advertising expert etc. It’s highly unlikely that a single person would comprise all these skills. Besides the SEO expert, you may have to hire other professionals. Ensure that all of them are comfortable to work as a team.

Check references. Search engine optimization would seem mysterious to those who aren’t employed in a high tech filed. A legitimate SEO expert, on the other hand, would be more than eager to give you the names of projects he has worked on. He can also give instances of traffic-increase work undertaken by him for increasing page ranks on popular search engines.

Remember, when a SEO expert claims of guaranteeing a page-one rank of your website on popular search engines, this is a sure indication that his services are not legitimate. Almost all major engines can change their algorithms and formulae sans any notice. They, in fact, do it quite often. So, it’s never possible to guarantee a top-10 or similar ranks consistently. A top-ranked page can be dropped from the engine altogether.

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