Some Effective SEO Google Penguin Recovery Tips

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There are many online identities which have been severely hit by the recent Google Penguin updates. However, if you are one of them, do not get panicked. In this article, we are going top discuss some SEO tips which will help you recover from the catastrophe caused by these recent updates.

Although, Google Penguin caused a huge damage to the whole SEO industry. But, it has also united all the SEO organizations. Currently, each of these organizations are trying their best to come up with viable SEO solution, to counter Google Penguin updates. Although, chances are very rare that any SEO Services Company could come up with any solution that could completely counter the Google updates. The best that these organizations can do is chart out a middle path where they can employ their conventional SEO tools and techniques, while also following the Google website optimization rules.

Currently, there is host of SEO techniques being tried by SEO Company. But, we are going to discuss some of the most effective of them. These effective SEO tips are as follow:-

Never over optimize your website:- Over optimization of your website can now cause great damage to your online identity. So, try to limit availing of too much SEO tools and techniques.

Give importance to only quality links:- After the current Google updates, quantity of links would not matter. So, always try to give more importance to quality links. Have patience, and always try to create links with those websites which are most respected and recognized.

Built a website which is attractive, functional and fast:- Gone are the days, when for any website, just being attractive was completely enough. In current times, an online identity should be attractive, easily navigable, and its upload speed should be thoroughly fast. Only, those online identities which can meets all these guidelines can attract and retain online users and also enhance its search engine ranking.

Content is the most important aspect:- Currently, content of any website is the most important aspect which the search engine crawlers will give maximum emphasis to. So try to give maximum importance to the content of your website. Try to make your online presence as much informative as possible. However, that does not mean that you should flood your online identity with it. Give importance to quality of the content and make sure that the information present in your website is both informative and significant.

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