Content Curation Is Taking Over Content Marketing

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Content curation is growing rapidly and is taking over the old methods of content marketing. Now, there is no requirement of writing unnecessary stuff created solely for the purpose of backlink building. Content curation enables you to generate powerful unique article pages in the most effective manner.

Curation involves the use of art to create something new and useful for your audience and there are several tools available on the world wide web which could help you in generating free content making use of a variety of sources from the internet. This form of marketing allows you to gather content from already available niche sources and compile them in a way that it becomes useful for your audience and they start to like it and share it on their individual social media profiles.

Content marketing was an old form of marketing but is used even today to generate niche backlinks for your site. This method involves writing content and then submitting the written or rewritten content on various article marketing sites. This method is time taking and often turns out to be of no use as people rarely share these sort of content.

Unlike content marketing, the technique of content curation is more advanced and produces new,unique and relevant articles everytime. The social media is taking over the entire world and it is a form of social media which leverages the power of internet and social networking sites to create lost of powerful backlinks for your site.

The internet marketers should make use of the power of curation in order to spread the buzz and increase the linkability of their sites. Many search engine optimizers are still using the old methods of rewriting content but these techniques do not work, especially after the Penguin and Panda updates. It is therefore recommended to use the power of content curation to create something useful for the audience so that the linkability is increased and social interactivity is also increased.

One of the most popular sites for content curation is This website provides a unique and interactive platform to use the power of already available content and compiles into unique magazines. You may register on the website and start creating free magazines on almost any topic. The site provides suggested content and you may scoop the suggested content on the created magazine and start promoting your services or work for the community. But, one thing to be remembered us that we should not spam these websites or else people would not be benefited from these good websites and ultimately the web would become a stale place. Hence, we should share content which are useful for the entire community. So folks, you should start using the power of content curation and

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