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Once you have established a Facebook page for your company and developed it to its fullest capability, target other aspects to gain a broader outlook and audience base. Every single aspect of your page should be used, including photos. The photo section is a huge part of your page. With a compilation of photos, you are giving your company a face and essentially humanizing your company. The viewers are able to see who is a part of your company and who has what role. In a sense, this provides the viewers with a bit of inside knowledge that is better understood through a picture. A picture does portray a thousand words making it worth the while to post pictures to your page.

Start posting photos immediately. It is necessary to establish a good background of photos in order for the viewer to see what is currently going on and what has previously gone on as well. Post a variety of photos, not just from one event. When posting photos, if it pertains, tag real individuals in the photos to gain a new audience base. It will attract others to see what is occurring on your page and what your page has to offer. Share various pictures from a local meet up, event, or conference. Add a caption to your pictures indicating where it was, who is in the picture, and what was happening in the photo. To make this area fun and exciting, post a mystery photo or host a caption contest among your audience to stir engagement and generate a discussion. Community involvement is essential for keeping a well established audience base. Also, post pictures of a product and write an enticing caption to follow it. Provide your community with an opportunity to add their commentary by comparing and contrasting two different products in a photo. Whatever method you decide to use in the photo section, make sure it involves your audience and is relevant to your business.

In regards to analytics, there are a few tips to take into consideration. First, celebrate all major holidays by posting a status or photo with a caption that pertains to that holiday. Involve your community with the holiday by wishing them all a great holiday. Target holidays of all religions and nationalities to cover your audience base. Facebook has a tool called feedback metric that measures which statuses receive the highest percentage. Use this tool to get a sense of what your audience is responding to the most. Keep posting statuses that are relevant to this percentage to get the audience as involved as possible. Also, implement UTM codes to the links that you have posted on Facebook. Adding these codes will allow you to track the various leads that are being generated from your page. This is the type of information that you want to know about your Facebook page. Try to blend it with web videos and checkout web video production today. Figuring out what your audience is responding to what is coming from your posts is crucial for the success of your page. Keep all of your information fresh and current and keep your audience engaged.

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